Monday, May 17, 2010

Always on my mind

Grocery shopping alone today he crosses my mind. He should be here...he was AlWAYS here.

Sliding into cozy sheeets in a brand new bed he crosses my mind...he should be here...he was ALWAYS here.

Waking up in the middle of the night in total darkness to a sound he crosses my mind ..he should be here....he was ALWAYS here.

Enjoying a breakfast alone he crosses my mind...he should be here...he was ALWAYS here.

Wondering if I should have tried harder or waited longer he is ALL that is on my mind..he should be here...he was ALWAYS here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So what is with all of these people I keep hearing on the radio desperately requesting songs like its their dying request and its the same song thats played 10 times a day everyday....and they are soooooo thankful when the dj grants them their wish....people please!!!

I am also sick to death of hearing about how Tiger Woods's indiscretions and Chris Brown's mistakes have completely ruined them in the eyes of their fans, and how they could never watch Tiger again or listen to Chris's music. Dont get me wrong I dont agree with what either did, but that has nothing to do with anyone other then the parties involved nor does it change Tiger's or Chris's talents and abilities...people seriously need to get more going on in their own lives then maybe what these and other celebrity's do wont be so life changing for them. I always liked Chris Browns music and his dance talent. I feel horrible about what happened between him and Rihanna, and I wish for both their sakes that this had never happened. However just because I would not want Chris dating my sister or girlfriend does not take away from how much I enjoy his music. Ironically I was never one to follow Tiger before...he is now quite interesting in my book!

My last rant for the day is Condo developers that offer "Dog-Friendly" condo's and offer nowhere for the dogs to pee. Then when they use whatever small amount of space there is they get all bent out of shape that the grass and plants are dying. They provide areas for everything else and are happy to jack up the maintenance fees to do so, then why not designate an area for this as well.

Try to enjoy the day!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Blog

They always say to write about what you know and/or what your passionate about. The trials and tribulations of living in a big city seemed to fit both. I come from a small town enviornment and even after almost 20 years of living here I still am amazed at some of the daily challenges and crap that goes on here.

Over the next few blogs I will share with you what living in the city as a 38 year old gay professional dog walker is like......

Some of the daily challenges off the top of my head would be driving within the city......and yes I drive in the city and even worse you may think I not only have one but 2 cars. Oh did I mention one was an SUV.....are you still reading?

In my defense the SUV is for work...however I would still have one regardless. I tell people its to get up north to see my parents in the winter with 4X4, but last year I used 4wheel drive only twice so there goes that theory.

I run a very successful dog walking company, (well my idea of successful anyway), have a small group of friends that I am trying to expand, and a very supportive family that I am thankful for everyday.

Patience is a virtue that I once thought I had but living here in the city for almost 20 years has almost eroded that down to nothing. Construction, cabs, rude people, too much ethnic diversity, and basic lack of common sense combined all contribute.

Enough ranting......just a first blog....keep checking in.